african history assignment

African-oriented Religions (Religious Practices Mixed with African belief Systems) in the New World. ASSIGNMENT II

Instruction: Select one of the articles about African-oriented religions in your textbook, SECTION EIGHT UNDER THE TABLE OF CONTENT, (PP. 279-306). Write ONE FULL PAGE ESSAY answering the following questions with citations of the author of the article selected. You will get half of the points IF THERE ARE NO CITATIONS of the author and page cited. You can use APA or MLA citation systems for this essay. 10 Points for the article.

  • 1. Which author and article (Religion) you selected from the textbook for your essay?
  • 2. How did the author(s) describe the beliefs and practices of the religion you selected?
  • 3. According to author(s), what aspects of the beliefs and practices of this religion are African beliefs?
  • 4. According to the author(s), what aspects of the beliefs and practices of this religion are not African beliefs?
  • 5. According to the author(s), where in Africa (country and ethnic groups) this religion originated or is/was practiced?
  • 6.According to the author(s), in which country/state in the NEW WORLD (North America, South America, and Caribbean) this religion exist and practice?
  • 7. Why the study and understanding of the beliefs and practices of these religions are important in the study of African Diaspora?

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