answer the quastions correctly


Guiding principles synthesize the fundamental philosophy or beliefs of an organization and reflect the kind of the company that an organization seeks to be. Access to the web site of Toyota via and answer briefly to the following questions about Toyota guiding principles using your own words.

1)What is the philosophy of Toyota company?

2)What is the classification of this corporate culture?

3)Write 3 rules related to Toyota company policy to reflect the philosophy of the company.



a)Define Password Policy according to the NIST guidelines.

b)Assume that you are a system administrator, then define some guidelines for the construction of a strong password.



What is the need for information security policies in KSA? Imagine you as an audit officer and explain the information security audit process to give assurance for the information security.



As a Chief Information Security Officer how to assign administrative roles and responsibilities with respect to risk management activities and explain the major factors that influence the decision making and policy development for a business.

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