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Read the material about Primitivism in traditional Western Art and consider questions of “The Other” Who do you consider “we” and who do you refer to as “they?” Do the “We’s” and the “They’s” ever change? Does the artworld reinforce a separation or does it currently bring blur boundaries and differences?

Can the body be used as an art form without “othering” the model? Is the connection of the nude female with the wild and primitive something that still occurs in popular imagery.

If you have not heard it, listen to Chimamanda Adiche “Danger of a Single Story” on Ted Talks. What are the single stories in Art History? Are there examples of how art can show multiple viewpoints?

Research Mona Hatoum,Halim Al Karim Shirin Neshat, or Sanja Ivekovic with material found under ARTISTS or from your own searches and observe your own reactions.

Do concepts of “the Other” influence the way you view art or does art change your ideas about “the other?”

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