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I’m looking for someone who does not use Chegg or Coursehero or any online cites to provide your answers. The professor checks these other sites as well. If do do this to provide your answers and dont use your own, let me know immedietly so I can choose someone else to assist me. I have been notified that an assignment was linked to chegg or coursehero ect?

Use your own words so nothing can be found on the internet.

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ethics performance measures and the balanced scorecard 6

Deliverable Length: 8-10 slides with speaker notes of 200-250 words per slide

Your boss recently attended an accounting seminar at which the balanced scorecard was discussed. He has asked you to prepare a presentation for the next manager’s meeting about the balanced scorecard and how EEC might adopt it. In your presentation, you should complete the following:
* Define the elements that might be presented in a balanced scorecard.
* Explain how the elements will be used.
* Make a recommendation of whether or not EEC should adopt the balanced scorecard.
* If adopted, how might it improve the company?

criminal procedure discussion board

While on routine patrol, you notice a car with two people inside parked behind a business that has closed for the evening. You have recognized this to be a high-crime area that has had several burglaries recently. As you pull behind the car, you shine your spotlight on the vehicle and notice the passenger in the front seat leaning down between the seats. You order the individuals out of the car and place them both in handcuffs for protection. After frisking them for weapons, you approach the passenger side of the vehicle and notice a six-pack of beer on the front floorboard. As you move the carton, you find a small container of what appears to be a controlled substance. You conduct a preliminary field test, and the substance tests positive for cocaine.

400-600 words, APA format

  • Did you have probable cause to seize the cocaine? Why or why not?
  • Does the plain view doctrine apply in this case? Why or why not?
  • What responsibility, if any, does the driver have as it relates to the seized evidence? Explain.
  • In your own words, explain the concept of exigent circumstances.
  • In your own words, explain an officer’s need to obtain a search warrant to perform a search.
  • What is the controlling constitutional issue involved in this scenario, and how does it apply? Explain.
  • marketing research 20

    Case Study #1 topic is Marketing Research

    The assignment is to find a primary-source article or story about a business topic (e.g. brands or branding) that could be the BASIS for or be MADE into a case study, not a finished case study.

    Avoid finished case studies and instead recommend a story that could be the raw material for a case study — a much easier task and a source of fresher examples.

    Case Study examples should be recent (written within the last 180 days) and related to the topic being covered.

    Write at least 400 words (in your own words) and number your responses (1,2,3).

    (1) A brief summary of the story.

    (2) What is the problem faced by the organization in the story?

    (3) How does the problem relate to a concept addressed in the course? (market segmenting, target, and positioning or brand loyalty. Or you can address marketing mix (product, price, promotion, and place). The most important question.

    (4) A reference to the source of the story with a complete citation of the publication or Internet source.

    Please use a story with a credible source.

    application security assignment 3

    Research the Internet to obtain information on MBSA and security audits.

    • Review the critical considerations to prepare the procedure guide.
    • Organize all the steps necessary for security audits.
    • Provide a proper justification for each step mentioned in the procedure guide.
    • Submit the procedure guide to this forum.

    APA Format, CItation, Reference Must and No Plagiarism Please.

    supply chain management 50

    1. Assume you are a consultant for Acme Inc., a successful company who hasn’t faced much competition in the past. Recently, the company has faced challenges from a competitor who can meet customer demand more quickly and with lower cost. Identify how Single Minutes Exchange of Dies (SMED) might help Acme improve its responsiveness to customer demand by developing a 150-200 word executive summary to Acme’s CEO.

    2. Linear programming is an excellent technique yet is not applied nearly enough in the “real world.” Discuss the benefits of linear programming and explain why it is not used that much.

    analyzing and visualizing data research paper

    Can you please write a research paper for the below topic.
    Here is the description

    Background: Kirk (2016) designed his text to help understand the four steps involved in working with data. Kirk (2016) discusses the following working with data steps: Data acquisition, data examination, data transformation, and data exploration. Each step is important and the individual steps depend on each other. As a researcher, you cannot jump from data acquisition to data exploration without completing the process of the previous steps.

    Assignment: Write a research paper that contains the following:

    • Discuss data acquisition
    • Discuss data examination
    • Discuss data transformation,
    • Discuss data exploration
    • Compare and contrast two of the steps

    Your research paper should be at least 3 pages (800 words), double-spaced, have at least 4 APA references

    Reference: Kirk, A. (2016). Data Visualisation: A Handbook for Data Driven Design (p. 50). SAGE Publications

    growth through creativity

    Through living creatively, problems can become opportunities for growth.

    Think of a problem you have used as an opportunity for growth and explain how this happened.

    How did it help you create or refine a life philosophy?

    merchandising analysis

    East Carolina University – Fashion Merchandising and Consumer Studies BS – MRCH 3350 – Merchandising Analysis: Need answers to practice test. Please provide detailed steps. Also provide detailed explanation of how answer was derived.