complaint letter 6

o As in the compliment letter, consider a business-related situation which happened to you where you would like to complain to management

 Date of occurrence (September 20, 2018)
 Name of company, employee, manager (Amazon)
 Particulars of situation – what happened ( Placed an order for prime(to arrive in two days as written), however, after placing the order it showed that it cannot arrive on time and would take a week to arrive. after contacting their customer service they told me there is nothing to be done. i have asked for a refund and to return the items they said it cannot be returned until after i received them and after they take the money. after i asked for a refund and they have took the money i have received double the items since i reordered them again. Therefore, the items that i ordered first that was written that it will arrive a week after arrived a week earlier as well as the items that i reordered since they told me that they returned it yet they didnt. therefore, i have paid twice for the same order and received two orders and had to return one on my own to get a refund two weeks later.
 Why this is worth a letter
 What you are hoping for in response
o Prepare a one-page letter of complaint regarding your scenario

No outside resources

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