constructivism and humanism

Constructivism and Humanism

Prior to engaging in this discussion, please read chapters five and six in your e-book and review the Instructor Guidance. If your last name begins with N-Z, you will discuss humanism and its relationship to learning psychology.

  • Humanism posits a purposefully person-centered approach to learning, that includes personal growth, focus on self-development, and personal needs.

Consider the following as you discuss:

  • Do you feel that learning, from the approach of a human’s potential, rather than from a purely content driven (you need to know this) perspective, is a viable way to approach investigating “how we learn”? Why or why not?
  • Waldorf Education posits that it is a school founded on humanism ideologies. After reading the content, do you agree with their position? Would this type of education work with adults (yourself)?
  • Describe a personal example of experiential learning that you have experienced.
  • How can the areas of motivation and needs potentially increase effective learning, as suggested by humanistic ideologies?
  • How do the variables of organismic integration theory (OIT) reflect the humanistic model?

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