courtelaney pass powerpoint presentation

This is a PowerPoint Assignment

Formal Presentation:

You will be reporting to the Governor of all your findings actions and remedies doing this PowerPoint presentation. It is vitally important to focus on issues that you identified and why/how you dealt with those issues. Your presentation must be professionally present it where appropriate transitions, animation, video (if utilized), Notes from interviews you may have her wear real life expert, and highly detailed with specificity. This will be an in-class presentation and you should have at least 15 slides.

Note: Feel free to exercise as much creative license as you need. You are expected to improvise and create effect from your inquiry such as recruiting informants, obtaining subpoenas, executing search warrants, or partnering with a community civic leader. You may add to the situational report, i.e.: you identified two officers who were aware of Throtmorten’s crimes, but you cannot take out or disregard any facts that are contained within the report. So, feel free to be very creative and what you discover from your inquiry!

Formal Presentation Skills

Many accomplished students experience anxiety over the idea of formally presenting their work. This anxiety can be easily managed by remembering that you know far more about your topic than your audience does; that is why you are presenting it! You have extensively researched it, investigated it, written about it, and at times, even lived it! Take stock in your accomplishments and highlight them in a very well organized presentation that is also entertaining and pleasing to the eye. Remember, if you do in fact pursue employment in the criminal justice profession, you WILL be called upon to present!!

Please carefully review the following websites for useful information on formal presentations:

Please make the PowerPoint easy to manager while I present my presentation. I would like to be able to go to the next slide with out any problems

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