create 5 plots of physical properties of planets and the systems 2

Create 5 plots of physical properties of planets and the systems they are associated with that illuminate either some aspects of physics or some similarity or difference between the properties of planets in our own solar system. 3 plots should be scatter plots, and 2 should be histograms. With each plot, explain what story it tells in around 200 words.

The first plot, just to get you started, should be a test of Kepler’s 3rd law – show that it is obeyed. Since it comes from a law of physics, it should be strictly obeyed by everything. If the graph doesn’t show an exact relation, try and explain why.

Some other hints: interesting planetary properties are: mass, radius, density, surface gravity (how do they compare to Earth’s or other planets?), the orbital size (i.e. semi-major axis), the length of a year (their periods), the orbital eccentricity (how elliptical is it?). How are these properties distributed (use a histogram) or correlated with each other (use a scatter plot), or with their stars properties (temperature, radius, brightness)?

Pay attention to how best to show the data to the reader – for example, should you use logarithmic axes for x, y or both?

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