create a powerpoint keynote presentation

Create a Keynote/PowerPoint presentation on all of the following topics —

  1. Key concepts in palliative care delivery
  2. Appropriate utilization of palliative care
  3. Utilization of palliative care in the treatment of neurology patients
  4. Compare and contrast palliative care and hospice care
  5. The business case for palliative care

Be sure, as part of your slide content for each topic, to cite material from the target article readings.

Use the APA format as a guideline. Grammar and spelling count.

Create a PowerPoint/Keynote presentation with

  1. At least 20 slides (at least 4 slides per topic), not including the title slide and the reference list/bibliography
  2. For each topic, add notes at the bottom of 2 slides to enhance the content

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