doing a field report

i went for a tour IN DC area and i want someone to help me writing the report and here are the directions


This project asks you to step out of the classroom and experience borders first-hand. In this case, you will take a walking tour of Washington, D.C., and use this experience to respond to our course readings. Based in your careful observation, analysis, and documentation of this walking tour, you will write up a field report that both documents and analyzes your field research and frames your experience by explaining your research question and the greater significance of your findings.


• Develop a research question based on course readings that can frame your observation of the walking tour

• Systematically observe and accurately record your tour with a split notebook, photography, drawings, video/audio recording (if consent is given)

• Continuously and recursively analyze your observations within the context of the course readings

• Draft and revise your field report into five sections, including:

1) an introduction that describes your research question, research objectives, and the course readings that framed your study as well as the setting, nature, and methods of your observations. (1-2 pages)

2) a description of activities (observations) with sufficient details and context that will ground the following section of analysis. Make sure to answer who, what, where, when, and why. (2-3 pages)

3) interpretation and analysis of your observations situated within the course readings your bring up in the introduction. (2-3 pages)

4) a conclusion that explains the significance of your report and any recommendations for future work. (1-2 pages)

5) an appendix can be added that includes any photos, illustrations, or recordings as well as remaining observations that your readers may find of interest. You must include a list of references that you consulted or cited in the report.


• Develop flexible strategies for working through the stages of the writing process
• Develop ideas and reasoning in support of a thesis
• Demonstrate basic essay structure: controlling thesis, effective organizational pattern, transitions, successful introduction & conclusion
• Support assertions/ideas with evidence that includes concrete detail while excluding irrelevant evidence
• Write clearly while making effective use of word choice

For more guidance on field report writing, see: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

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