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please read the attachment below for this assignment. This is not a paper just a discussion post.

  1. What personal or professional experiences have you encountered that are related to the general topics of this course?
  2. After reviewing the course outcomes, what do these outcomes mean to you? How are these outcomes relevant to your own personal/professional experiences and interests?
  3. After reviewing the course syllabus and the Module One resources, select an additional online news article, professional organization, web resource, or web video that is relevant to the topics of Module One. What does this resource have to do with the general themes of Module One? What can you and your peers learn from this resource as it relates to the topics of this course? Make sure that you are citing this resource using the appropriate citation guidelines recommended in this course.

In responding to your peers, discuss the links they have provided. What are your reactions to the resources shared by your classmates? How is the resource useful or not useful to you as a professional and scholar in this field of study?

Refer to the Discussion Rubric for directions on completing this discussion.

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