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He Required Information For This Individual Project Includes The Following Intro

he required information for this Individual Project includes the following:


  • Business, organizational problem, or topic   
  • Problem statement 

Purpose of the Study

  • One research question   
  • Hypothesis regarding the research question  
  • Rationale for selecting your proposed research strategy utilizing your two articles identified in unit 1 for support


  • Research strategy that you will use to explore the problem    
  • Method for securing the sample population  
  • Method for delivery of the survey instrument  
  • Research instrument to collect data  
    • Include a copy of the actual survey, complete with the introduction to the study (including all of the ethical considerations that should be included in the survey introduction. See Ethical Concerns: Informed Consent in the Unit 2 M.U.S.E.).

The following information MUST be included:

  • The business, organizational problem, or topic  
  • The problem statement   
  • The research strategy that you will use to explore the problem   
  • 1 research question  
  • Your rationale for selecting your proposed research strategy   
  • 1 research instrument that you will use to collect data   
  • A questionnaire or survey with at least 5 research questions for the study   
    • Survey example:   
      • What do you know about Brand X?   
      • Would you be willing to try Brand X if a free sample was available?   
      • If you answered yes to Question 2, please explain why.   
      • What is one of the most important features of a product for you?   
      • How do you decide what product to buy? 

After creating your survey, complete the following steps:

  • Send your research survey to at least 5 people (via e-mail, survey monkey, or another option).   You will interpret the results of this survey/questionnaire in Unit 5’s assignment.


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