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  1. What does Labaree say are the social goals of education? And which of these social goals does he define as a public and/or private good, and why?
  2. What connections can you articulate between this week’s readings? More specifically, how do these readings give us a sense of America’s purposes of education and schooling? Also, how closely do they match with what you wrote were the purposes of education in your baseline assessment?
  3. What is the relationship between the development of human capital, the private goals of education, and the “dystopian social net”?
  4. Though not explicitly mentioned in these readings how would you say the authors in this week’s readings conceptualize the role of schools and education in the socialization of students and citizens? (Think about the Hidden Curriculum and Hegemony)
  5. In thinking about the role of the superstructure, as described in both Marx and Gramsci, what is the relationship between education and the American dream, and what ideological/hegemonic function does the American dream play in the socialization of students? What role does it play in the creation of a “dystopian social net”?
  6. Considering the Levinson reading “Why Critical Social Theory” from CRR 1, and Westheimer’s reading, identify educational processes that can serve to produce each of the three types of citizens.…

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