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Here Are The Questions And The Requirement Is On The File Super Bowl Ad Review W

Here are the questions and the requirement is on the file, Super Bowl Ad Review: What’s Your Top Spot–Bottom Spot & Why?

Posted Feb 1, 2019 9:00 PM

Went over the persuasive exercise in class last Tuesday (1/29) and I distributed a hand-out for students (detailing the assignment) and listed it on D2L.

Students have been asked to analyze the persuasive strategies of two ads airing during SuperBowl from this year–one ad you thought was strong and another ad that really missed the mark. For each ad, identify the following (listed below) and include a link to each ad on

Purpose/Value:  What’s the ad trying to persuade you to do?  Is a strong benefit featured in the ad?  Is the ad consistent with the brand’s history & reputation?

Target Audience: What group of people is the ad trying to persuade?  Does the ad engage the audience?

Reasoning & Evidence:  What reasons or facts does the ad give for why you should buy the product or do what they want you to do? (You should buy this brand because _______ or if you buy this product, then you will ___________). Do the reasons given in the ad make sense?

Relevance:  Does the ad try to persuade you with any irrelevant evidence–statements, images or facts that have nothing to do with the product or idea being sold?

Unique:  Is the ad unique?  Did the ad stop people and make them watch yet stay true to the brand?  Will the brand & benefit be remembered?  Are the viewer’s thoughts favorable?

Post your analysis on D2L no later than Feb 4 11:59 p.m.


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