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Here Is The Poem French Toast Byanya Krugovoy Silver Pain Perdu Lost Bread Thi

Here is the poem:-

French Toast

by Anya Krugovoy Silver

Pain perdu: lost bread. Thick slices sunk in milk,

fringed with crisp lace of browned egg and scattered sugar.

Like spongiest challah, dipped in foaming cream

and frothy egg, richness drenching every yeasted

crevice and bubble, that’s how sodden with luck

I felt when we fell in love. Now, at forty,

I remember that “lost bread” means bread that’s gone

stale, leftover heels and crusts, too dry for simple

jam and butter. Still, week-old bread makes the best

French toast, soaks up milk as greedily as I turn

toward you under goose down after ten years

of marriage, craving, still, that sweet white immersion.


I need help in atleast on the first four lines. I need someone to help me with the stress and unstressed words in those lines. Also I need help in knowing what is the pattern in the iambic pattern of rhythm? I know the theme and analysis of the poem. Only need help in the above mentioned two queries?


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