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Here The Basic Info February 2016 Villegas Powder Coating Los Angeles Cato Recep

Here the basic info: 

February  2016       Villegas Powder Coating          Los Angeles, CA

To                            Receptionist/Inventory  

Present                   Serves visitors by greeting, welcoming, and directing them

                               appropriately; notifies company personnel of visitor arrival; maintains security; maintaining inventory and telecommunications system. As     

                               well, creating invoices and update data into a computer system.  

April 2013               Cosmetic Group USA                                  Sun Valley, CA 

to                             Production Lead  

February 2016        Supervisor of production line workers. Responsible for the

                               routine communication of job assignments, training for specific

                               product runs, data entry and placement of Line Workers in  

                               assignments as required for the day.

July 2010            Aaron Industry                        Lynwood, CA

To                            Supervisor QA/ICS

March 2013             Plans and directs activities concerned with development, application,

                               and maintenance of quality standards for industrial processes,

                               materials and products. As part of ICS having control of inventory.  

                    receiving and counting items in a warehouse inventory and records 

                    the data either manually or on a computer.


Dependable, patience, responsible contributor committed to excellence and success.

Software: Microsoft Office 2000-2007 Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Office XP Professional, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Bilingual English and Spanish

Punctual, Hardworking, and dedicated with great initiative and leadership skills

Good in Mathematics, Inventory, compatibility 

Enthusiastic, eager to meet challenges, and quickly assimilate new concepts.

organizational skills, communication skills, problem assessment and analysis, decision-making, delegation teamwork coaching conflict management adaptability stress tolerance


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