Hi Below Ive Listed Some Multiple Choice Questions That I M Not Able To Figure O

Hi, below Ive listed some multiple choice questions that i’m not able to figure out.

Which part of meiosis is most similar to mitosis?

Select one:

a. Haploid cells

b. Crossing over

C. Meiosis II

d. Meiosis I

Which statement below best describes a polymorphism?

Select one:

a. A genetic variant that can cause disease

b. A genetic variant that is usually harmless

c. A chromosomal deletion

d. An abnormal gene duplication

Match the term with the BEST definition:

  1. ESC
  2. iPSC
  3. Totipotent
  4. Pluripotent
  5. In Segmented blocks
  6. Teratoma
  7. Trophoblast


The zygote  

Reprogrammed somatic cell   

Derived from the inner cell mass 

Involved in placenta formation  


Where would you find a human embryo at the cleavage stage?

Select one:

a. In the Trophoblast

b. In the uterus

c. In the Fallopian tube

d. In the ovary

All three germ layers can all give rise to what sort of cells?

Select one:

a. Cartilage cells

b. Neuronal cells

c. Muscle cells

d. Epithelial cells

The image below shows expression (activation) of a Hox gene in the trunk and limbs of a mouse embryo. Expression of the gene is revealed by dark staining.


The gene is most likely to be?

Select one:

a. Antennapedia

b. Hoxb1

c. Hoxc6

d. Hoxa13

Why might a loss of function mutation in a human HOX gene not cause a birth defect?

Select one:

a. The protein may still be functional

b. Functional redundancy with other HOX genes

c. Humans lack the gene

d. The gene is active in mouse but not in humans

Which if the following could be considered a teratogen?

Select one:

a. iPSC

b. A hormone

c. A gene

d. A carbohydrate

Which statement below regarding teratogens is CORRECT ?

Select one:

a. They only retard development

b. The time of exposure is not relevant

c. They are present in the genome

d. They can interact with genetics

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