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Hi Can I Get Some Practise Exercises Multiple Choices Studying Questions Answers


Can I get some practise exercises, multiple choices, studying questions & answers for my university subject in Healthcare Biotechnology which should cover:-

key concepts and principles involved in healthcare biotechnology, and their applications in molecular medicine.Course Contents & TopicsGenetic biotechnology in animals (transgenics, knockouts and other related technologies): Transgenic animals as models in the study of human diseases, as bioreactors for the production of hormones, antibiotics and vaccines and organs for xenotransplantation.

Advanced molecular biology techniques related to human and animal science basic research, disease diagnosis and development of new therapies. These include but not limited to: applications of DNA technologies in diagnostic medicine and forensic science; tissue engineering. 

An overview of the drug development process, with a focus on the early-stage, preclinical drug discovery, drug target identification, high-throughput assay development, and screening of chemical libraries (synthetic and natural products). The concept of individualized medicine will also be discussed.


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