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Hi Class Watch The Funny Big Bang Theory Clip To Start Pondering How To Work A

Hi Class– Watch the funny “Big Bang Theory” clip to start pondering how to work as a team (the focus for this week’s Discussion). Here is the link:

Next, review this scenario: 

You are the leader of a team of eight who are tasked with completing the company’s annual report. There are many disagreements on how the report should be formatted. Some people want to use the old format while others want to create a new type of report. In your Post:  Discuss how you would use the information you learned in this unit to guide this team to successful completion of the project.Helpful Hint (Post): Be specific. You may even want to create “characters” (ie: Team Old Format vs Team New Format). As the leader, how would you get these two teams “on the same page”? 


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