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Hi Could You Provide An Idea That To Develop An Economic Policy Which Will Contr


Could you provide an idea that to develop an economic policy which will contribute to economic growth or achieve a desirable social outcome.The policy should be a micro policy, which targets one area of the economy. For example, the car scrappage scheme in europe or the reduction in the air travel tax.

The first being an example of a poorly developed policy which has a higher cost then benefit, and mostly benefited manufacturers who are based outside the state. The second is a policy which reduced government intervention in the aviation market, resulting in an increase in tourist numbers and thus an increase in employment in that sector and a boost to GDP.

The aim of your policy is to stimulate growth and employment overall in the country or in an individual sector or create desirable social outcome. If there are both winners and losers from your plan, you should outline how you would deal with vested interests and stakeholders.

The knowledge you have from your professional background may be useful.

Your plan should be fully developed, and a cost benefit analysis carried out.

Your plan must be original. It cannot be current government policy, or the policy of any opposition party.


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