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Hi Dear Tutor I Got A Report From Subject Which Called Environmental Economics T

Hi, dear tutor,I got a report from subject which called Environmental Economics, there are some information below(the requirements): “Identify an environmental management problem which in your opinion is currently being managed in a sub-optimal manner. As an individual, prepare a written report on the nature ofthis management problem from the view point of a National Government Agency (i.e.:United States Treasury, ABARES, Productivity Commission, etc.) or an InternationalOrganisation (i.e.: OECD, FAO, etc).This report should include (1) a clear identification of the environmental managementproblem and associated economics, (2) a proposition of a policy or a series of policyinterventions which are consistent with improved “optimal” management of theenvironmental resource, and (3) a well articulated justification of why this proposition wouldbe beneficial for the stakeholders (consumers, producers, government, society, etc.).You will be assessed on your ability to articulate each of these points with reference to economic theory, models and/or empirical evidence relevant to environmental economics.” So can I get some examples and  ideas from you?And also some economics theory related to this questions.  Many thanks~


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