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Hi I Have A Physics Problem Which I Would Like To Have It Solved Could You Pleas

Hi, I have a Physics’ problem which I would like to have it solved. Could you please help me out?


problem is: A pair of blocks (mass m and 4m) are separated by a spring (constant k, compression distance d) as they rest upon a level surface. When the spring expands, the blocks move apart. The ‘4m’ block collides with a block (5m) connected to a spring (constant 6k) to form system A, while the ‘m’ block collides with a block (2m) connected to a spring (constant 3k) and forms system B. Both collisions are perfectly inelastic and both systems subsequently display simple harmonic motion.

a) Calculate the ratio of the periods of oscillation, TA/TB. Simplify your result.

b) Calculate the ratio of the oscillation amplitudes, AA/AB. Simplify your result.

c)  Calculate the ratio of the sum of the system energies to the initial energy stored in thespring of the ‘exploding’ blocks, (EA+EB)/[0.5(kd2)]. Simplify your result. 


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