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Hi I Have A Test Regarding My Managerial Accounting And I Have The Following Que

Hi, I have a test regarding my managerial accounting and I have the following questions 

8- Retained earnings are a general claim against ________.

A.creditors                                            B.paid in capital C. total assets                                      D. stockholders

9-On a classified balance sheet, the Equipment account is reduced by ________.A. Allowance for Doubtful Accounts                               B. Depreciation Expense        

C. Allowance for Bad Debts                                             D. Accumulated Depreciation

10- Unsecured debt holders are creditors who have ________.A. a specific claim against particular assets B. a general claim against fixed assets only C. a specific claim against fixed assets only D. a general claim against total assets11- Treasury stock is shown on the balance sheets as a deduction from ________.A. total assetsB. total current assetsC. total stockholders’ equityD. total liabilities


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