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Hi I M In A Phy 300 Waes And Optics Course And I M Working On Questions 2 8 And

(a) Q0, 6 =I(b) $ = 0, b=2(c) b = 1/2, b =-1(d) = 1/4, b = 12.7 Write down the Jones vectors for the waves in Problem Describe the type of polarization of the waves whose Jonesvectors areFind the orthogonal Jones vectors to each of the above anddescribe their polarizations.2.9 The general case is represented by the Jones vectorABeisShow that this represents elliptically polarized light in whichthe major axis of the ellipse makes an angle7 tan-12AB cos AA2 – B2with the x axis.2.10 Show by means of the Jones calculus that circularly polarizedlight is produced by sending light through a linear polarizer anda quarter-wave plate only in the right order.


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