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Hi I Need Help With Essay On A Case Study Of Medical Supplies Ltd Paper Must Be

Hi, I need help with essay on A Case Study of Medical Supplies Ltd. Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

ares many of the same pluralistic values as Steele, however the nature by which Harry runs his operation is one with more respect for subordinates in terms of recognizing their overall value to the firm. This paper will describe the scenarios which are causing trouble within Medical Supplies Ltd and will propose a potential solution for handling the crises.

The leadership hierarchy at Medical Supplies, Ltd is one that is highly mechanistic, which is categorised by decision-making that is made at the management level without considering the input of subordinate employees. in which employees are simply expected to conform to management directives (Landy & Conte, 2006). Gordon Steele recognises his absolute authority over the entire warehouse, including all of its divisional managers and he expects compliance to all corporate objectives and procedures from his subordinate management staff. Steele appears to have a considerable respect for the nature of the authoritarian hierarchy in which power is distributed from a centralised entity, in this case the corporate office. Many of Steele’s beliefs regarding politics are fundamentally pluralistic.

Reynolds (1996) suggests that pluralistic leaders often believe that democratic systems, in which individuals are given the autonomy to vote and assist in decision-making, are both unworkable and undesirable. The author further implies that pluralistic leaders tend to believe that subordinates lack the tangible ability to intellectually contribute to policy-making and lack the rationale to provide assistance in all aspects of decision-making. Under this assumption, Steele can be categorised as pluralistic, sharing these values as he routinely cites the various character flaws of his subordinate manager Harry Katama to all levels of the business. When Steele is discussing the nature of employment under Katama, he consistently identifies that their associate workers will be both low-skilled and not generally intelligent. This


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