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Hi I Need Help With Essay On A Change Management Issue Paper Must Be At Least 25

Hi, I need help with essay on A Change Management Issue. Paper must be at least 2500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

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Unfortunately, not always is diversity easy to implement, nor is it always effective, productive, and relevant. With some organizations having spent years in the market, diversity is something new and even unusual. Such organizations spent years to develop and establish their business traditions – the traditions they believe have led them to their current position and the ones they are not always willing to alter. However, the conditions of doing business change continuously, and the postmodern business reality imposes new diversity demands on organizations and businessmen. For many of them, to become more diverse means to produce a profound shift in organizational mentality, consciousness, and culture. Yet, once implemented, diversity has a potential to move the organization further to its performance and organizational highs. As long as I can remember myself working for that organization, our staff had been mostly comprised of white males working for the financial department and dealing with the most controversial issues in the field of organizational finance. I must say that the organization had spent years in the market and had been able to achieve considerable success and organizational stability. Its name was well recognized by customers and competitors, whereas its financial staff was believed to be at the core of the organization’s continuous success….

All three displayed remarkable performance results but they seemed to experience serious difficulties in their striving to adjust to the new conditions of work. Hostility was equally obvious and veiled: the existing staff members could not accept the idea of a new, diverse workplace and did not realize the potential benefits diversity could give them and their organization, in general. About the organization: In detail My current position is that of Finance Manager in a Veterinary College. The main teaching campus is located in Hertfordshire, and there is also a campus in central London. The college runs three teaching hospitals, with one of them being a drop in a veterinary hospital in London and the other one working as a state of art equine centre in Hertfordshire. My professional obligations require that I constantly interact and cooperate with the rest of the staff, teachers and students, as well as animal owners and veterinary practitioners. The range of issues, with which we constantly deal, includes cash flow and pricing, buildings insurance and animal insurance, complaints and staff accounts. The recent financial crisis became a serious test to the stability and financial operations in the Veterinary College. The college aims at providing superior educational and medical services to students and animal owners. Cultural issues and diversity have been among the most serious organizational problems so far. This is one of the reasons why diversity had to become one of the primary objects of change in the Veterinary College. The feasibility and scope of change According to Open University (2010), change may seem desirable but is not always beneficial.


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