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Hi I Need Help With Essay On A Mexican Viewpoint On The War With The United Stat

Hi, I need help with essay on A Mexican Viewpoint on The War with the United States. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

First, the Mexican internal state of affairs in the 1840s could have not made it easy for her to show aggression against the US. During this period, Mexico had diverse internal challenges majorly caused by dictatorial rulers. To begin with was Santa Anna dictatorship between 1841 t0 1843. This was followed by the shaky and oppressive rule of the Centralist Republic in 1945 and later culminated by the dictatorial rule of Mariano Paredes which lasted for eight months.

The stormy political state of affairs from 1841 to 1847 which was marked by the rule of six presidents who came to power either through military uprising or populists approach tended to drain the strength of Mexico. This could have not left some strength for Mexico to invade US. It is in 1847 that Mexico saw the light of the day as far as political stability is concerned. As can be seen from this evidence, the US was therefore a serious bother to Mexico who already had its internal challenges to deal with. The invasion of Mexico by the US therefore caused a backlog of challenges to Mexico.

Secondly, the separation of Texas from Mexico’s territory to the United States territory became a propaganda that was used by the enemies to pin down Mexico. As Valasco explains, the idea of Texas separation and the intention to reclaim it back to Mexico became a tool to tear or justify, revive or enhance the important figures or political parties or revolutionary movement. This even worsened even skyrocketed the instability that was already being experienced in Mexico. In order to avoid the looming war, Mexico suggested an idea of peaceful negotiation with the US to ensure that Texas remained within their territory and that no war took place. This idea was easily thwarted leaving Mexico with nothing to cling onto but to face the US head on in the war.

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