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Hi I Need Help With Essay On A Short Sf Story Paper Must Be At Least 2250 Words

Hi, I need help with essay on A short SF story. Paper must be at least 2250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

They did not succeed, however, in achieving improvements on scientific matters, since their resources were scarce. They sensed that something was missing that could improve their lives. They needed to become strong and fearless of what they would encounter on the surface, an unknown site to them. Eager to wonder into the unknown they set off into their voyage.

They had old technologies that they managed to acquire from their ancestors from the 21st Century. They thought that the key elements to their science inquiries would be found in the old human beings´ technologies.

They thought that if they worked on some of the technological paradigms that they had on file, they could reconstruct a better life for their species. They would be able to enjoy a surface they had no idea of what to expect. Everything would be new to them and perhaps they would find other survivors, other species, and other galaxies.

They had difficulties working with the technology they found since it was outdated and they lacked the necessary tools to update it to function according to their needs. Due to the fact that they had lived underground for so long and were constantly experimenting, they were ingenious and found ways to adapt the technological devices according to their needs.

The survivor idea was both a good feeling as well as a bad feeling. They would possibly find good natured species that would want the wellbeing of all but they could also find minds with destructive thoughts, such as the ones that brought them to what they had become. It was not an easy decision to make. They wanted to expand their knowledge, travel into the galaxy, and help endure life as they knew it.

Fortunately, they had the reproductive means to continue for generations but they wanted to improve their species. They wanted to become that which they were in the 21st Century with major improvements. They thought that the only way to achieve their goal would be to find


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