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s that make employees perform their responsibilities, managers should then design appropriate motivational strategies to assist these employees towards accomplishing identified goals.

Likewise, it was emphasized that since employees could manifest and assume needs and drives that could change over the course of time, the more that managers should be aware that any previously designed motivational program might need updating or revisions. For instance, in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, it was specified that “people want to satisfy various needs that can be arranged in a hierarchy of importance” (Burns, Bradley, & Weiner, 2012, p. 98). And, according to Martires, “a need ceases to be potent when it is met and man strives to satisfy the next rung of needs” (Martires, 2004, p. 38). This simply means that if workers needs that need to be satisfied as initially assessed by the manager to be predominantly physiological needs (or receiving a base salary), when this has been satisfied, the manager should re-design the motivational program of the organization to earmark satisfying the next level needs – which is security needs (Burns, Bradley, & Weiner, 2012).

In addition, it was also disclosed that “managers should periodically assess motivation and performance, taking into account the occupational, career-stage and professional factors” (Burns, Bradley, & Weiner, 2012, p. 96), which were considered as important types of individual and situational differences. To enable the manager to make a comprehensive and accurate assessment, it is therefore part of their role to conduct the following activities: “informal interviews with employees and coworkers in which open-ended questions are asked about individuals’ needs, motives, perceptions, and values” (Burns, Bradley, & Weiner, 2012, p. 96). This could be challenging since some organizations have employees who come and go. meaning, the hiring and firing (or retirement of people) contribute to the

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