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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Al Qaidas Major Domestic Attack On The United State

Hi, I need help with essay on Al Qaidas Major Domestic Attack on the United States. Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

This includes the recent attack on U.S. embassy in Yemen and evidence proves the involvement of the Al-Qaida group in the attack (Ghobar and Blair 2012). The Al-Qaida group has been reignited by the launch of film “The Muhammad” and has openly announced increase in terrorist attacks against the US (Hasni 2012)

Many researchers and analyst, studying Al-Qaida’s strategies and threats, forecasted that the death of their former leader Osama Bin Ladin, would be the major setback for the group. Unfortunately, this prediction turns out to be false as the strength of the Al-Qaida group does not look to shrink, with their new leader and new strategies (Geltzer 2010). After the death of Al-Qaida’s former leader and administrator, members of the group started spreading in different European countries with fake nationality, to escape from the US invasion in Afghanistan and Iran (Hollywood, Synder, Mckat, Boon 2004). Al-Qaida’s movement in South Asian countries, have also been reported, giving signs of their flexibility to change, with regard to the situation. So even now, they should be considered as a serious threat as they do not look to settle down or get weaken (Geltzer 2010).

Joshua Geltzer, in his book highlights key factors, which have nailed in the Al-Qaida troop. This includes killing of Osama Bin Ladin, the most prominent figure of this group and the mastermind behind most attacks made by the Al-Qaida (Geltzer 2010). In addition, US army has been successful in tracing down locations of Al-Qaida’s members worldwide and eradicating them from the face of the earth. Moreover, their funds of around $140 million and a large number of weapons have been captured (Geltzer 2010). And they have been forced to leave their homeland in Afghanistan, from where they used to meet and plan their terrorist activities. But despite all these factors, Al-Qaida still stands as a big threat to Western or Non-Islamic countries, especially the U.S.A (Khalsa 2004).



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