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This report also presents a comprehensive observation of the complex and subtle relationship that determine the success or failure of an organization. With a brief analysis, the report concludes the case, presenting a few suggestions drawn from the study. Introduction According to a 2004 survey by CSC Consulting involving more than 500 Information System executives, the main concern for IS executives is the alignment of IS to organizational goals. Currently, more organizations are embedding information system and information technology functions into their business activities, increasing the necessity for alignment between corporate goals and IS (Keyes, 2005:169). The central focus of this report is the strategic Information technology and Business plan as one of the ways of achieving alignment. The paper provides a comprehensive analysis of GTE Government Systems Corporation and its three-year efforts in developing a strategic IT plan (GTESystems, 2012:24). GTE Government Systems Corporation GTE Government Systems Corporation is a subsidiary of GTE Corporation, a communications giant. The headquarters of the corporation is in Needham, Massachusetts. The principle customer of the organization is the Federal Government, which makes about 80% of the corporation’s revenue. The corporation deals with space and earth-based systems, voice and data communication software and hardware, telecommunication installation, maintenance, and operation of computer-based network systems, intelligence imaging services, and electronic warfare (Cale and Kanter, 2000:1). All these products display the characteristic leading edge technology in image technology, computing, and communication. Fig1: Simplified Organization chart for GSC. Available from http://jitm.ubalt.edu/IX-1/article1.pdf. The corporation has five lines of products that the corporation develops and markets to customers: Communication systems, service sector, Systems Operation, Electronic Defence System, and Service sector. Moreover, the corporation adopts a corporate organizational structure that incorporates vice presidents for finance, legal, human resources, business development, and engineering, as well as their staffs. The corporation runs technically, with majority of the management having engineering backgrounds. In 1991, the company realized $2.1 billion in revenues, but they soon went down to about $1.3 billion in 1994, declining further to $1.2 billion in 1995 and 1996 (Cale and Kanter, 2000:2). The decline in revenues, resulting from decreasing military spending, prompted the management of the company to initiate campaigns to cut costs to ensure that necessary spending occurred due to relevant and effective expenditures only. Among the targets was the IS functions at the corporation. The paper presents the functions of the IS before the cost cutting measures, decision of executives about the functions of the IS, and the planning process resulting from the reorganization (Khosrowpour, 471). IS Prior to Cost Cutting Fig2: Partial Organization Chart before IS Reorganization. Available from http://jitm.ubalt.edu/IX-1/article1.pdf. The IS at the corporation was predominantly centralized.

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