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Hi I Need Help With Essay On America Indian Study Indian Community Event Paper

Hi, I need help with essay on America indian study- Indian Community Event. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

dance and artwork enhanced the participant’s knowledge of Native American culture, especially through the vendors who were eager to explain what they were exhibiting. Since most of the arts have been handed over long generations, it was possible to visualize the Native Americans hundreds of years ago. However, this event was all about the dance and music for most people attending.

Going to the event, I expected a day out enjoying the culture of Native Americans in Phoenix, although most of the Native Americans I know act like me most of the time. The event was more than I expected, however, as I realized that, the Native American culture in Phoenix is more diverse than I thought. For example, there are more than thirty distinct Indian tribes living in Arizona. The congregation of the Indians during their “pow wows” drew me to just how diverse Indian tribes are, rather than the few tribes most of us believe them to be. I expected the natives to be very social with one another, and I was not disappointed. It was possible to strike up a conversation with almost everyone. However, there was no marijuana anywhere, despite common myth that Native American POW wows are not complete without a marijuana smoking session among the old men.

During the course of the event, I learnt many things about Native Americans living in Phoenix. The first one was that the City of Phoenix was a prehistoric settlement of the Hohokam tribe who, however, had disappeared by 1054 A.D., rather than a settlement by the Pima tribe who came later. I was also fascinated to learn that the Hopi tribe in Phoenix had a home led by the mother who was also in charge of the family. As with several other tribes at the event, the Hopi are a matrilineal society, and they trace their families through their mother’s side of the family. I also came to understand why Native Americans wear a manta over their blouses. The manta was initially worn without anything underneath, fastened from one shoulder


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