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Hi I Need Help With Essay On American Literature The Enligthenment Paper Must Be

Hi, I need help with essay on American literature: THE ENLIGTHENMENT. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

This was the period when elegant and clever verses, were very fashionable in England, her verses could seem smug at one moment and far-reaching in the next. As one goes through Stockton’s verses, one cannot help but notice the values she establishes and the understated way in which she develops her individuality. Stockton was an avid reader and an intelligent poet. she was able to maintain a fine balance between intelligence and emotions through her poetry.

Thomas Jefferson was well-educated and studied law. He had a wide knowledge of English history and political philosophy. Jefferson was a person of strong ideologies, he stressed that all men were equal and laid emphasis on natural rights, including right for migration, and was against the authority of parliament over the colonies, laid emphasis on ties only with the king. Jefferson wrote the ‘Declaration of Independence’, which was considered as a radical document, which had a great impact on the people of America. Most of Jefferson’s ideologies were reflected in the Declaration, his stress on the importance of the freedom of religion.

This was the main idea for the beginning of the republican society to work, through division of church and state. This was the main cause for the many splits in the many faiths in the colonies. It took a long time to split the church from the state because of the old fundamentals set by England. Jefferson set the movement for freedom in this declaration to give everyone a fair chance to be “whomever they wanted to be regardless of race, creed or religion” (Zinn p.77).

Franklin was a great man with amazing accomplishments as founding father, framer, statesman, ambassador, scientist, dreamer, author and source of simple wisdom. he was a man with a strict sense of values. Franklin discarded the values of the past to create a new structure, which was based


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