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Hi I Need Help With Essay On American Security Culture In History Paper Must Be

Hi, I need help with essay on American security culture in history. Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Terrorism activities have been among the most life claiming catastrophes in this century. In America alone which is the world’s super power, terrorism has had an adverse effect especially after the 9/11 attacks and American citizens learnt how easy their security systems could have been bleached by the ruthless terrorist attackers. The constitution of the homeland security in 2002 was the most brilliant security measure that the United States governments could have come up with at that time in order to avert future catastrophic attacks in America. However, as the American government is exploring all available channels to stop future attacks, the terrorists are also working to ensure they exploit various weaknesses in the system and render to such attacks happening again. The task seeks to dig out several issues such as the reality of the terrorist attacks, ability to mitigate them to prevent reoccurrence and the effects on the citizens and security systems in place if they did occur.

America having experienced a traumatizing encounter with terrorism, there is still suspicion and fear that other attacks can hit the American people by surprise. The fact that currently terrorists may gain access to weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear weapons, poisonous gasses, germ dispensers, and computer viruses should be a cause for alarm to security agencies in America. One of the cited loopholes that security critics feel could be exploited by aggressors is in the coordination of The Department of Homeland Security (DHS).The DHS having 22 existing agencies that report to numerous congressional committees and the nagging engagement of U.S public by the security personnel may be seen as a way of intruding their privacy. In a different context that could be seen as a success by the Homeland security but it may be a venue to be exploited by the terrorists is the fact that there has been no attack for almost 13 years


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