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Hi I Need Help With Essay On An Overly Protective Legal Regime Will Limit The So

Hi, I need help with essay on An overly protective legal regime will limit the social gains from invention by reducing incentives to disseminate its fruits while an overly weak system could reduce innovation by failing to provide an adequate return on investment. Paper must be at least 4000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

In the same spirit, weak systems have been associated to few checks and balances that reduce the return on investment. Indeed, this confusion has led to the development of different policies within diverse nation’s leading to selective development3. The question is whether an overly protective legal regime limits the social gains from the invention by reducing incentive to disseminate its fruits or whether an overly weak system can reduce innovation by dwindling the return on investment.

According to Czapracka (2009, p. 144), investment choice, and destination should be precise without mistakes. Therefore, any investor intending to venture into foreign markets need to make a lot of important choices before the commencement of the actual process. Importantly, legal and risk factors need to be taken into account during this time. Firstly, it is significant consider the attitude of the government towards foreign investments4. Essentially, this is covered in the rules that govern investment practices and policies in the host country. The other important consideration that goes hand in hand with a government’s attitude is the idea of a company’s historical record. All these draw legal consideration by a host government before approval is given for the commencement of investment.

Similarly, it would be prudent of any company to consider various aspects that are streamlined by the host government concerning bureaucracies, hurdles and incentives. In places with stable political environments, the government’s laws and policies are often very accommodative for foreign investors. Therefore, political stability and legal frameworks are interrelated in issues of investment. For instance, in countries with stable and polite government policies, a profitable outcome is usually realized by the companies than in those with stringent and rigid policies towards foreign


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