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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Analysis And Evidence Based Findings On Alex Color

Hi, I need help with essay on Analysis and evidence-based findings on Alex Color Studio employee’s relationship Conflict. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

This approach is more concerned with how workplace relationships progress and how such conflicts can be predicted by examining underlying communication practices, quality of the existing relationships, employees satisfaction, career advancement and performance. Thus, relationship conflicts is a workplace is affected by poor communication strategies, lack of employee satisfactions due to pay or promotions, unavailability of career advancement chances, and the nature and quality of the relationships. The nature of conflicts in Axle Color Studio is mostly relationship conflicts as opposed to task conflicts.

Alex and Jackie admitted of there being several cases of relationship conflicts despite their constant argue to their employees not to bring personal conflicts into the salon. The interview revealed that there have been many visible instances of relationship conflicts between staff members which cause strain on assistant-stylist relationship when we are understaffed with assistants. Much of the relationship conflicts identified by Alex and Jackie are traced to the stylists’ relationship outside the salon. Due to the fact that the salon has few employees, their relationship is more personal and thus, extends outside the salon and thus external conflicts are extended from outside the salon into the salon. Even though Alex and Jackie have tried to persuade their employees to avoid mixing outside issues with the salon issues relationship conflicts have continued to be inevitable in Axle Color Studio. Stylists in the salon agree that conflict in the salon has very negative energy as conflicts between two employees causes the other employees around them to become stressed out which causes the salon’s atmosphere to then become tense and unpleasant. Intensified conflicts results into an overworked staff and it can be translated into their clients too. A client getting an experience in a tense and an unwelcoming environment is not likely to


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