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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Analyze Machiavelli And Plato And Their Relationshi

Hi, I need help with essay on Analyze Machiavelli and Plato and their relationship to each other. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

His views advocated certain courses of action. The scholar has two sides of the argument stating what the prince should do in times of war and what he should do in times of peace. In his work known as the Prince that gives details on how the prince should act in times of war is most famous of all his works and has gained many quotes over time. In the Prince, he begins by talking on how the two monarchies that existed quickly moved to retain a rebel territory that had been conquered (Machiavelli & Parks, 2009).

He talks of how the prince should have a good fortune so that he retained the rebels acquired, and he was supposed to dedicate himself to the task at hand in handling the rebels. He continues in explaining how the prince was supposed to rule the people he acquired after conquering a new territory and tells of the different ways to govern a city that was used to its liberty and independence (Machiavelli & Parks, 2009). The prince was to destroy them, live together with them or decide to leave them alone.

He stated the different ways in which the princes’ who acquired power through violent and nonviolent ways were to conduct themselves. The code of conduct all depended on the amount of support that the ruler had from the population. According to him, he maintains that the rulers friendships with the population acted to help them rule with ease and experience little resistance from the people being ruled. The writer talks of how the ruler must be feared by all but not hated, he also talks of how the leaders are supposed to walk with great ability imposed upon them by the people. The status is to be achieved only if the prince keeps distance from the lives of the ordinary people below him in rank.

There is also the other side of Machiavelli where he talks about the end justifying the means and this is Machiavellis side of the republic. In his work, he talks of the republic and argues that it is the best form of


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