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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Answer 1 Question Paper Must Be At Least 250 Words

Hi, I need help with essay on Answer 1 question :). Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Patinski has been operational for the municipal for more than two years since they had renewed the contract for more than a year.

It is understood that the employer may always create payment for any period that is not work. This is so even if nothing is written down as per the contract. This is a custom or habit that Patinski and municipality had been used to, and yet the terminology that is used is less important than the terms that the court will use to determine the case (Davis, Timothy Pg, 23). The employment in the case will find the municipality to have contravened the law in this instance of unfair dismissal. The municipality will have to pay the individual both the basic award and the compensatory award. It is not important that the contract must expressly stated the case, but the custom has been that the two individual perform their relations in a certain manner as it has been stated-each year like


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