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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Application Promotion And Digital Media Paper Must

Hi, I need help with essay on Application: Promotion and Digital Media. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Critiquing the websites of these three companies, it would be seen that each of them represents their products and services in different ways by use of different forms of symbols. For example, Barclays, which is in the service sector generally uses pictures of people as its major symbol of representation. Toyota on the other hand uses picture of its cars as its major symbol of representation. For Vodafone, it could be seen using pictures of people expressing different forms of emotions together with pictures of its phones and tablets. The symbols used by the companies are a direct representation of the kind of business they are into. For example Barclays tries to depict pictures of people of different demographic backgrounds such as age, gender and economic status. This is important to the segment of the company as the company’s services are not limited to any specific demographic group. Toyota does a similar thing by showing almost all types of cars that fits different demographic groups.

Browsing through the websites of the three companies, it is seen that they provide different types and forms of messages that are conveyed by their symbols. Perreault Jr., Cannon & McCarthy (2014) noted that in promotion, targeting is an important practice that must not be exempted from the process. The reason this is said is that the course of promotion must be in such a way that it embraces all people the company identifies to be potential customers. For example in the case of Barclays, there is a picture of a man with his little kid, which clearly sends the message of the opportunities that exists for parents in planning for the future of their children while engaging in service with the bank. This is because right beside the said symbol, there with a text of children’s savings. Toyota also uses its symbol of cars to send message of how devising its line of


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