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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Are Alternative Energy Sources The Answer To Ending

Hi, I need help with essay on Are alternative energy sources the answer to ending human dependence on oil. Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

People who argue that alternative sources cannot end human dependence on oil show skepticism towards alternative energy sources. They argue that no significant breakthrough is yet to come, and therefore it might not be possible for the world to end its dependence on oil. Both schools of thoughts have different arguments for their point of view. In this paper we will explore arguments given by both the sides in great detail, and will try to conclude whether alternative sources of energy can, in fact, end human dependence on oil or not. Alternative Energy Sources Can end Human Dependence on Oil In this section we will present arguments given in favor of the alternative sources of energy. Firstly, this school of thought highlights the dangers of pollution, which is a consequence of our dependence on oil. Alternative sources of energy should be appreciated because they can significantly reduce pollution that is a direct consequence of oil. Using oil as a source of energy is extremely harmful for the society and therefore alternative sources of energy should be explored. Natural oil also creates problems for the environment and makes life difficult for the people in general. Many skin and lung diseases are common in people who live in highly polluted regions. This is all because of human dependence on oil. The impact of dependence on oil is extremely harmful for the sustainable world. Many oil companies are busy extracting oil reserves that are beneath the seas and oceans. This causes problems for the sea life and is detrimental for underwater animals. Sea pollution also affects human economy as fishing is a source of income for a large number of people all over the world. This is another dangerous consequence of increasing dependence on oil. All these points are made by people who support alternative sources of energy in order to make the world realize about the dangers of use of oil. They believe that people in general have long been fixated with the idea of using oil as energy without realizing its dangers. It is therefore vital, according to this school of thought, to make people understand dangers of oil use. There is a lacking of belief that alternative sources of energy can replace oil, and this is why alternative sources of energy are not popular today. Dangers of oil are presented as argument in favor of alternative sources of energy. Another argument made by supporters of alternative sources of energy is that there is already technology available that can reduce human dependence on oil. They argue that in fact today we can use alternative sources of energy to reduce human dependence on oil because the technology is already available. For example solar energy, electrical energy, wind energy, and bio fuels are good alternative of oil , and all of them can play a role in decreasing pollution, associated with use of oil, significantly. All the above mentioned sources of energy are renewable sources and technological advancement is constantly lowering the cost these sources making it feasible (Turk & Bensel, 2011). This is quite an argument given by people who favor the use of alternative sources of energy. They argue that technology is already available and its feasibility is also improving every day, and this is why alternative sources of energy can play a significant role in reducing human dependence


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