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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Argument For People To Use Recreational Drugs In Th

Hi, I need help with essay on Argument for people to use recreational drugs in the 1960 is danger. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

The emergence of a recreational drug culture in the 1960s can be argued both for and against. While some arguments will support the 1960s experience, others will dispute all the undertakings that were related to the drug use practices. At the most outright aspect, drug use at a personal level increased significantly in the 1960s. Although the 1960s numbers can hardly match the level of drug use today, the drug culture emergence at the time was critical.

Individual recreational drug users were looking for ways to pass time in a manner that was characterized by an activity that they did not undertake more often. Due to the emergence of a drug use wave at the time, many individuals were caught up in the wave. They got into drugs for personal reasons that related to the need for recreational experiences. In this respect, use of drugs was deemed to be a way through which relaxation was achieved since individuals engaged in an actual form of activity.

Outside the recreational experience factor, other users got into recreational drug use out of peer influence. An association was being made in relation to drug use, thereby luring peers into the need for association. If one was to associate with his/her peers who used drugs, then it would be hardly unavoidable for this individual not to engage in drug use. Influential forces, therefore, acted upon different people at different times across the 1960s, resulting in an increase in the number of recreational drug users.

Years in the 1960s were characterized by a rising notion of a countercultural society (Siegel 7). At the same time, the position of recreational drugs had gained high stakes in the society. Social and cultural uncertainty was looming, and populations were increasingly becoming unruly. As a result, a society that was deeply rooted in the use of recreational drugs was in the making. This realization had considerable impacts to individuals


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