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Hi I Need Help With Essay On As Covered On The Huffington Post Does The World Of

Hi, I need help with essay on As covered on The Huffington Post, does the world of fashion exhibit nihilism, as Nietzsche and Dreyfus define the term Why or why not Should PCC students be concerned with any nihilism in the fashion world. Paper must be at least 1750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

hily expounded on Kierkegaard’s version of nihilism and how this nihilism continuously persists in the modern times with the advent of the internet. The question being deliberated in this paper is whether or not nihilism is ubiquitously present in other areas of life, fashion specifically, and whether this should concern the students of Pasadena College. After deliberating the issue, it is concluded that albeit the fashion world shows traces of nihilism, the students of Pasadena College should not be too concerned with it because if Nietzsche’s theory holds true, it is merely part of the evolutionary phase of active nihilism, which is the good part, and if Dreyfus’ perspectives is taken into consideration, the ability to go out of the world and show one’s personal fashion taste is a form of risk taking that sheds off anonymity and indifference.

Nihilism is defined as the loss of meaning or the ‘nothingness’ of everything in the world. Nietzsche, who declared the advent of the era of nihilism at the close of the 19th century, believed that nihilism is engendered by the clash between what society values the most and the actual process by which the world proceeds, which can be characterized as decadent. Values are then depreciated and this depreciation had led to the destruction of the foundation of faith in general, in morality, and religion. The effect is this would bring the world to a crisis. Nihilism, according to Nietzsche, is not an unnatural process but part of the evolution of the world and is irreversible. He classified nihilism into two categories: passive and active. The first, according to him refers to that stage when an individual loses his faith, becomes godless, and without purpose. However, this purposelessness eventually serves as a catalyst for an individual to engage in self-reflection and search for other truths (Nabais & Earl 2006 pp 133-144).

But while Nietzsche did not see nihilism as an entirely negative concept, Kierkegaard and


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