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Hi I Need Help With Essay On As The Business Development Manager Of An Organisat

Hi, I need help with essay on As the Business Development Manager of an organisation of your choice, you are required produce a report that highlights the following aspects to the top management in relation to a new entrepreneurial venture that you intend proposing. Paper must be at least 3000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Tata Motors is a renowned Indian multinational automotive manufacturing company that has served the best passenger cars, vans, trucks, buses, military vehicles and coaches to customers worldwide. The company has spread its operation internationally by opening offices and manufacturing units in Argentina, South Africa and United Kingdom. It has succeeded in penetrating the mentioned markets with its best branded automobiles. However, the company has the desire to start new venture in a different industry other than automobile. The company has earned goodwill and success in automobile industry and thus looks forward to penetrate a new industry where they can encounter the same result. The chosen industry is retail industry and the report prepared by Business Development Manager of Tata Motors highlights the main challenges and requirements to enter the new retail industry.

In the past few years, the retail industry has encountered significant number of changes which have brought challenges and opportunities to the companies in this particular industry. The changes are in form of policies that have made it difficult for the existing companies as well as new ventures to operation without any major disturbance. The policies that have revolutionized the retail sector are deregulation of foreign investment, land use policy, monopoly policy, neoliberal reforms. It is observed that the small retailers have dominated few areas of the world while the transnational companies have taken a larger market share worldwide. The reason for choosing retail industry for the new venture plan is that it is the largest sector in the world economy. Countries worldwide define this particular industry differently but according to ILO retail industry is referred as the final step in distribution process where the retailer aims at selling merchandise in large or small quantities to its target customers.

The global retail industry accounts for about $15 trillion


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