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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Ba Interior Design Paper Must Be At Least 6250 Word

Hi, I need help with essay on BA interior design. Paper must be at least 6250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

for traffic signals we have light as the signal, in our cars, we have lights for every signal, if there’s something wrong with the engine then a certain light starts blinking to make us aware of the fault.

Today, our world is relying on lights, if we see cities & suburbs both are dependent on lights & their effects. Lights are used to show an airplane where the landing strip is, lights are used in light houses to show ships where land is. We see uses of lights wherever we see.

With the pros of lights we are definitely facing some cons as well, the biggest of them is wastage of useful energy, so Scientists today are working hard to come up with ways to reduce energy & at the same time get proper lighting effects, how we can do that is a different science in itself. Now we see that usage of Energy Saver bulbs is spreading everywhere because they consume less energy but at the same time give equal amount of light which is required.

We also need to designs rooms in a way that light goes to all places of room at the same time we also need to make sure that areas where we don’t want the light to go are the ones where light doesn’t fall. Where we place the light bulb or source of light is also very important in this regard. If the lighting is done properly then it will give pleasant effect to anyone entering the room and if its not done properly then it’ll be stressful for eyes.

This thesis will focus on the trend of lighting design as how lights should be placed, what can be some alternatives of energy. The influence or impact to our environment. And light sustainability. At the same time we also need to achieve the right balance between visual comfort, energy saving, function and aesthetic into the design.

A building which stores collection of objects for inspection, study or enjoyment is called a museum. The origin of museums, however, dates back to almost two thousand years when the agile goddesses watched over the welfare of the epic, music, romantic


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