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This is the village where our family settled. My reformed life after prison was set to be part of this changed village.

“Man must live!” my friend, who belonged here, encouraged as he tried to prepare for something to eat in the ill-fated structure where we had found shelter. He became my companion that despite the hustles of what life had brought forward. a light at the end of this seeming endless tunnel was eminent. My thoughts were stuck on the newness of what the village presented to me. The village aliveness that used to dominate at night during those old days was no more. People used to dance every night but that was now a thing of the past. As the bubbling of the cooking intensified, leaning on the beam, which was the main support of the structure, some tap! tap! tap!(onomatopoeia) sound could be heard from a distance. Thought started flowing in my mind. The steps though firm, could not afford to miss they were for a woman. But what would a woman be doing outside at such a late night hour? May be a witch? (Rhetoric question) Farming is the primary activity of this community that is still done using the old hoe techniques. Hunting is practiced here but due to its manual involvement, it is only a men’s affair that are masculine enough to handle the harshness of the jungle.

It is not the culture of people who belonged here to have women walk at night unless something is extraordinary. Women stay indoors at night and men attend to emergencies but life in this village seemed to have decided to follow its own thoughts (metaphor). As my friend served the food he had prepared for our supper, he kept narrating the events of what the village had become of. The stars that were visible through the wrecked roof of this house seemed to node on everything this friend of mine was telling me. The food had not changed as it reminded me of my mother’s delicacies that bound us together as a family.

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