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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Biography Of Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Pali

Hi, I need help with essay on Biography of vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

and it is from here that she imbibed a strong Christian Faith which she made use of in her High School years to lead the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. She developed a love for hunting and shooting from her father and became a life long member of the National Rifle Association.

Sarah Palin has been an achiever right through her youth to the present role as running mate for John McCain. She has risen through the ranks to finally occupy the gubernatorial position in Alaska. Before taking over as the 11th governor of the natural resources rich state, she served on the Wasilla City Council and also held the post of the Mayor of Wasilla for two terms. Under her stewardship, Wasilla became a business friendly place. This Sarah Palin was able to do by bringing down property tax levels while increasing services and spelt out her objective of reducing wasteful expenditure. As governor she used her veto to bring down wasteful spending by nearly half a billion dollars starting with her own office where she sold the state’s luxury jet, and eliminated her personal chef and driver.

Being the governor of a resource rich state, Sarah Palin had the daunting task of keeping off lobbyists while at the same time ensuring that the people of her state could reap the benefit of nature’s bounty. With this in mind, she made energy development her top priority and created Alaska’s Petroleum Systems Integrity Office to look after the oil and gas equipment, and facilities and infrastructure in the state. Her greatest achievement in this field was to start work on the setting up of a $40 billion natural gas pipeline to help USA become energy independent. It is the largest private-sector infrastructure project in American history. The rise in oil and gas prices led to higher revenues for the state which she pumped back into the local economy while at the same time suspending the fuel tax in Alaska.

As the governor, Sarah Palin also heads the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact


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