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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Business Issues And The Contexts Of Human Resources

Hi, I need help with essay on Business Issues and the Contexts of Human Resources. Paper must be at least 3500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

It is evidently clear from the discussion that Tesco’s major business purpose is to provide a wide array of general merchandise and groceries. The company has its retail outlets located in 12 countries. In UK market the company acquires approximately 30% of market share and is a grocery market leader. The total revenue gained by the firm as per the financial year 2014 is £70.894 billion and it encompasses an employee base of 597,784. Tesco’s management functions are associated with improving the functionality of every department and maintaining long-term relationships with employees. Democratic management style is followed by the company. Charles Handy stated that there are four cultures followed by any organization such as power, task culture, person culture and role culture. Role culture has been implemented in Tesco Plc where employees are allocated responsibilities and roles as per their specialization. They also possess ownership towards assigned tasks or duties. The HR function fits well within the organizational structure since it is more inclined towards process and operation. HR functions are delivered through a centralized format where HR heads are an administrative expert as per Ulrich model. The Ulrich model comprises four dimensions of people, strategic or future focus, processes and day-to-day operations. On basis of these dimensions, there are different aspects associated with leaders like employee champion, change agent, strategic partner, and administrative expert. HR effectively contributes towards workplace through managing people and increasing efficiency of human resources. There are even strategies formulated by HR department in order to increase employee productivity. The job of HR department is not only to recruit talented individuals but even to retain them within the system.


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