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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Businesses Polluting In A Third World Country Paper

Hi, I need help with essay on Businesses Polluting In a Third World Country. Paper must be at least 1750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

This paper illustrates that businesses might choose to obey the rules that regulate pollution or risk the chance of being penalized for not obeying the pollution rules. Considering the financial requirement of the penalty in comparison to fixing the problem, most businesses would rather pay the ‘smaller’ penalty, than fix the problem. This is usually exacerbated by the fact that majority of most environmental problems are not addressed by the government. The existing regulations are neither implemented fully nor the penalties punitive enough. For instance, an American Company established in an African country would find it easy to pay fines imposed on them as the exchange rate favors them. Equally, the cost of ‘fixing’ the problem, such as moving a factory from a populated mining area is too high compared to the fine imposed on the same. Thirdly, businesses in the third world find it easy to pollute because their ‘home’ environment is not affected. This is usually the case chiefly because the existing regulations and repercussions are inferior to those in their ‘home’ country. The third world governments are also to blame for the increase in such activities because with poorly implemented rules and regulations, the majority of authorities are easily compromised can accept bribes. Some companies bent on polluting the environment and failing to take responsibility opts to entice the local authorities through bribery and ‘sweet’ deals that they cannot refuse. As a result, the regulations are imposed unfairly. hence exposing the country to ultimate disintegration. Third World countries (also known as the least developed countries), in addition to their poor economic conditions also suffer from the effects of extremely poor environmental conditions. As governments strive to address the most basic of their fundamental needs (food, clean water, and healthcare), pollution and other countless environmental problems are neglected. with pollution primarily remaining unrestricted.


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