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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Case Studies 2 And 3 Paper Must Be At Least 1000 Wo

Hi, I need help with essay on Case Studies 2 and 3. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Applying the top down model to the issue, the major requirement is identified as providing shared access to all the employees to the resources in the company. This can then be broken down further into smaller requirements based on the issues faced by the employees (Goldman & Rawles, 2004). These requirements are listed below:

The requirements identified are each broken further to simpler ones to arrive at the solution. The solution is to connect all the computers to one another and also to the Internet. In addition, provide the architects with access to files in the network.

1. Software: In order to form a network within the office, the Operating System should support the facility. Hence the current Windows 98 has to be upgraded to Windows 2000 Professional version as it is LAN (Local Area Network) ready. A Windows Server 2000 OS is installed in order to facilitate sharing files in a common server.

2. Internet Access: The current Dial – Up connection will not facilitate multiple connections at the same time. Hence it is replaced with an ADSL connection (which requires an access router and a DSL modem).

3. Printer Access: The Laser Printer needs to be attached to the Ethernet, so that any of the employees connected to the network can print the files (this is facilitated by the Windows Server 2000 OS).

It is evident that the solution implemented by Lane Communications is a success, as the number of design contracts have increased. The main reason for this success is the increase in productivity of the employees. The architects and the layout artist can access the Internet at the same time reducing the idle time (when they had to wait for their turn earlier). File sharing and printing are also improved as the employees need not waste their time in storing in disks and transferring them twice. This will reduce the work load on administrative assistant who


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