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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Case Study Business Language For Intercultural And

Hi, I need help with essay on Case Study:Business Language for Intercultural and International Communication. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

In order to avoid challenges, the authors in the study claimed that it is mandatory for a company to establish an effective and strong communication.

According to the Elena & Mariana (n.d.) English is very important language for the business communication primarily at international level. Notably, it has been stated that English is the most effective medium of establishing written and verbal form of communication for the success of any business. There are many companies such as American Express Call Centers and Ford Motor Company, which has been observed to use the written form communication. It has been further observed that the ABN AMRO a Dutch bank has established its call centre across 53 countries worldwide while English being the primary language for communication. Elena & Mariana (n.d.) also describes that many companies are trying to develop the e-commerce and e-business for expanding their markets all over the globe. The increasing rate of online users will be very much helpful for these companies to capture a greater portion of the market shares. Nevertheless, it has been proclaimed that medium of communication for a company dealing with online business is extremely crucial in the modern era. In addition, it has been noted that in the contemporary business environment English is an integral part of the business communication process. .

Ainsworth (2012) emphasized the higher education in the business field. According to the author, it can be determined that the higher education is important for the making the communication process more advance in nature for creating the international economy stronger. It has been claimed that with the rapidly converging world economy, higher education for personnel involved in the business process is more important. Ainsworth (2012) further stated that the internationalization of higher education is vital for the students for understanding and accepting the different culture and languages of the diverse world.


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